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Front Office

Principal:  Mrs. Angie Stuckey  Email:  Phone: 386-647-4655

Coordinator: Mr. Darrell Curls  Email:  Phone:386-647-4275

Secretary/Data Entry: Mrs. Katlin Westrich  Email:  Phone: 386-647-4276

Guidance Counselor: Mrs. Brooke Cox-Knowles  Email:  Phone: 386-647-4278

Academic Coach: Angie Hester Email:  

Health Coordinator/Truancy: Mrs. Michele Howard, BSN, RN Email:  Phone: 386-647-4277

SRO: Deputy Mouton-" She is the Law" 20 years experience

Security: Chris Ringlein 


Mr. Justin Bruce (1st-3rd) Head Coach SHS Baseball, ESE teacher K-5, 5 years experience Email:  

Ms. Lorri Mercer (4th-5th)  Email:

Mrs. Brandy Allen Credit Recovery, Hybrid, Grad track, Community Base Instruction  Email:

Mr. Mark Beach (6-12) Offensive Coordinator SHS Football, Heach Coach boys track, ESE teacher 6-12, US Army Veteran, 20+ years experience  Email:

Mrs. Mary Johnson (Middle school) Teacher of the year 2020-2021, 20+ years experience, "Many students regard Mrs. J as a role model and mentor"  Email:

Mrs. Donna Riegel (HIgh school) 25+ years experience, PTO Committee, "No man stands so tall as when he stoops to help a child"  Email:


Mrs. Stephanie Eady United States Army Veteran, 4+ years experience, PTO committee Email:

Mrs. Courtney McHugh Website Coordinator, 2 years experience  Email: