SCSD School spelling bee champions gathered in the school board office

The Suwannee County School District held its 2024 District Spelling Bee on January 18, 2024, at the School Board Office, where young spellers competed for the coveted title of District Champion.

The top honor went to Gavin Grinnell, from Westwood Christian School, who emerged victorious by out-spelling his competitors. Grinnell faced tough competition, particularly from Amyah James of Branford High School, who secured the runner-up title.

The participating schools proudly presented their champions, each demonstrating exceptional spelling skills. The following students represented their schools as champions:

* Branford Elementary School: Abbiegale Cusick
* Branford High School: Amyah James
* Suwannee Pineview Elementary: Krish Thakor
* Suwannee Riverside Elementary: Kamara Clayton
* Suwannee Springcrest Elementary: Claire Anderson
* Suwannee Middle School: Jasper Bell
* Melody Christian Academy: Jayda Rivers
* Westwood Christian School: Gavin Grinnell

The following students served as their school’s runners up:

* Branford Elementary School: Sadie Hobday
* Branford High School: Kyler Knighton
* Suwannee Pineview Elementary: Erilyn Wiltgen
* Suwannee Riverside Elementary: Abram Anderson
* Suwannee Springcrest Elementary: Elaina Smith
* Suwannee Middle School: Johiah Smith
* Melody Christian Academy: Carter Wilkinson
* Westwood Christian School: Kyleigh Allbritton

Gavin Grinnell, as the newly crowned District Champion, is set to represent the Suwannee County School District at the 80th Annual First Coast Regional Spelling Championship scheduled for Monday, March 25, 2024. This regional competition will bring together top spellers from various districts, providing an opportunity for Grinnell to showcase his exceptional spelling abilities on a broader stage.

The Suwannee County School District congratulates all participants for their hard work and dedication.

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